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TV and film

Here are the documentaries I’ve been involved in, either as presenter (in the case of The Narnia Code) or contributor. I played the part of Vicar (C.S. Lewis’s parish priest) in the film The Most Reluctant Convert, starring Max McLean and Nicholas Ralph.

The Most Reluctant Convert

producer 1A Productions (2021)

The Narnia Code

producer 1A Productions (a one-hour Easter special, commissioned by the BBC, broadcast 2009 on BBC1)

The Fantasy Makers: Tolkien, Lewis and MacDonald

producer Refuge 31 Films (United States, 2018)

Tolkien and Lewis: Myth, Imagination and the Quest for Meaning

producer The Duncan Group (United States, 2017)

C.S. Lewis, Dreamer of Narnia

producer The Disney Corporation (special feature, DVD version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, 2006)

The Life of C.S. Lewis

producer David McCasland (four-part series, United States, 2004)
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